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Getting Real with Wrigley’s

July 22, 2005

The Brief: Take the campaign idea ‘get a little closer’ to a new place.
The Solution: Keep it real and ‘action’.

There is nothing more compelling, charming and fun than real life played out in front of you.
This was our test film we produced to see if the idea would work.
It was produced way before the trend of ‘real’ ads such as T-mobile’s crowd sourced station.
Our ambition was to produce a series of loosely scripted ads with ‘improv’ actor(s) to initiate
the action and make extra the catalyst, for our ‘get a little closer’ moments.

Lights, camera, let it play….

Unfortunately to mitigate risk, our client made the decision not to shoot all ads for real and
let us do one scenario, which was a real shame (but understandable).
A few of the final ads below.


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