Atlantic Spirit Gin making waves with brand refresh

September 11, 2020

Before & After

We were delighted to be approached by the delightful folk at Atlantic Spirit Gin to help with their brand refresh.
Being keen a keen waterman and partial to the the odd tipple or three this was a dream brief.

We got ‘into’ the spirit straight away…

We and more importantly our clients are extremely pleased with where we got to and we have some really interesting developments planned for future iterations, fingers crossed the guys are onboard!!


Dean at sampsoncreative was recommended to us at the start of this year and we started talking to him pre-COVID thinking our bottles would be ready for Easter! Little did we know!

Anyway, we instantly got along and after a couple of meetings we could see we were on to something.

Dean is exceptionally talented and professional. He was patient and ensured whilst we kept our main logo that we stepped outside our comfort zone to get a bottle that we would be proud of. We wanted something that would show what North Devon can offer and I think this bottle does that. We are very proud of it. Thanks Dean!

The Range