Gin in Glass

Releasing the new look for the GinGenie

May 18, 2018

The GinGenie® has been proven to dramatically enhance the drinking experience & flavours of your favourite gin drinks and cocktails.
It uniquely combines a cocktail spoon, a stirrer and a straw and is a stylish accessory for all gin lovers.

The Brief: To update the existing brand look and feel for GinGenie®, creating a more sophisticated, premium styling inkeeping for the Craft Gin market.

The Solution: Like its tasting notes, Gin, in the main, is light, clean, subtle and for a sophisticated palette.
It became very clear that what we had to do was already in hand.

Old leaflet

OLD Look & Feel


Gin Glass and GineGenie

NEW Look & Feel

GinGenie Leaflet

NEW Look & Feel

Product leaflet design

NEW GinGenie Product Insert

GinGenie Box

NEW GinGenie Product Packaging

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