Design can help Professional Rugby players too.

June 9, 2019

Being a professional sportsman is not always as amazing as you might think. Long lay offs with injuries, deselection and eventual retirement in what are relatively short careers these days as elite sportsmen and women have an undoubted detrimental effect on mental health. The Wooden Spoon and Exeter Foundation are such charities that help provide relavent training, awareness and support for ex and current Rugby players and help them diversify and become as successful post sporting careers.

The Brief: Collaboratively design a New Cider, crushed by professional rugby players to help raise funds for The Wooden Spoon and The Exeter Foundation.

Being keen sports folk and Rugby fans we were delighted to be asked if we could help, so adding our design skills and expertise to what was an already inspiring awesome line up, we got stuck straight in. It was a fantastic project from start to finish to be involved in and being able to help such worthy causes felt great and truly gave our own mental health a boost. All concerned were delighted with the final outcome too, the guys have blended a credible cider worthy of it’s place in the team and we have all learnt some new skills along the way, you could say a win, win all round.

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Rib Tickler Cider: From Rugby Pitch To Cider Press

Even their designer – the utterly phenomenal Dean Sampson, has given his time to the lads for nothing. A rugby fan, and keen to support great causes, with guidance from the boys he may have been responsible for the coolest label we’ve ever seen. A cider bottle with the grip of a rugby ball? Simple, but very clever.

The Feel

The Concept

The Service

The Bottle