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July 7, 2015

The Brief: Create a quality, intuitive, concise web experience consistent with the New SMCC brand. Simplify the existing content and enhance brand experience by ensuring the right information is all but one click away. Translate the new identity guidelines into the new website design and create imagery to support all brand values. Ensure this brand experience is consistent for all types of access; whether you are on the go, sat in the office or on the sofa.


With research into consumers, their ‘habits’ and ‘wants’ we created a clear, simple strategy. This informed the information architecture and structure of the website. New and existing content was combined, allowing us to create a website layout and website design that appears logical, simple and easy to use. With the the New Brand Guidelines implemented, this greatly enhanced the look as well as aid the intuitive navigational aspects of the website.

We are really pleased with how it works, as well as how it looks, it seems we aren’t the only ones…

‘‘Have to say that you have aced your website. I think it is the best laid out school website I have ever seen. Love the colours and the self-explanatory layout. So good.’’

Parent, South Molton Community College.


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